Badisa's partnerships and alliances

Agility is critical for an organisation like Badisa to remain relevant, viable, financial sustainable and risk sensitive. Based on an assessment of our strengths, we have embarked on the systematic repositioning of the organisation in order to deepen our impact and footprint. This includes the establishing of meaningful alliances and partners.

Badisa developed a medium-term plan with a two-pronged approach:

To strengthen and innovate

Consolidate and focus the Badisa group based on our collective vision for the future, strengthen good governance practices (and manage risks) as a basis for innovation and creativity, modernise processes and mechanisms, and implement a sustainable business model.

To collaborate and plan ahead

Develop an appropriate organisational structure that purposefully drives our collaboration with the church for enhanced impact, establish meaningful networks with partners in the faith community, and develop long-term strategic plans for two of our main service delivery pillars.

Key partners or stakeholders within Badisa

Department of Social Development
(Western and Northern Cape)

Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church (Western Cape)

Synod of the Uniting Reformed Church (Cape)

Goeie Hoop Housing Company