Badisa offers various social and development services.

Badisa, is a faith-based social welfare organisation that provides professional social welfare and development services.


Who is Badisa?

Badisa is a neighbour to everyone in need.

The organisation started as the welfare services of the Dutch Reformed Church (Western Cape) and the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (Cape) but has now grown to provide these services in partnership with various stakeholders, including local and provincial government, the corporate sector and other non-profit organisations.

Our various programmes provide social services to ALL in need, irrespective of age, gender, nationality or religion, making our services inclusive to all.

Badisa's Partners

  1. Government

    Badisa’s relationship with the government is on a macro-environment level and impacts on the organisation according to the different roles that it takes on as legislator, regulator and funder.

    Badisa’s programmes are supported by the Departments of Social Development in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape, as well as in the National Department. 

    The government is the largest funder of Badisa’s Social Service Programmes. Each Badisa programme has a service level agreement with the department, which stipulates the services that will be rendered by the programme. The subsidy income from the government makes up 30% of Badisa’s total revenue.

  2. Companies and Businesses

    Badisa is the ideal social upliftment partner for companies in terms of broad-based black economic empowerment since over 75% of our beneficiaries are black.

    We are constituted as a “voluntary association” and has a group registration for all the Badisa Programmes as a non-profit organisation (NPO 011-891) and public benefit organisation (PBO 930 006 348).

    Our diverse funding strategy includes unleashing funding from the corporate sector and local businesses. Any donation or sponsorship will derive the following benefits:

    • Contributing to safe care and protection of vulnerable and poor people,
    • Prominent publicity to your company via our newsletter, website and through press coverage (with your permission),
    • Staff volunteering opportunities,
    • Donors and funders are invited to visit our projects to see how their sponsorship has been utilised,
    • Section 18A certificate for tax deduction,
    • Badisa qualifies as a Socio-Economic Development (SED) beneficiary (79%) according to the B-BBEE guidelines.
    • Becoming good corporate citizens by contributing to South Africa’ developmental agenda.
  3. Individuals, Trusts and Foundations

    We value our individual donors and created the One More campaign to increase the number of individuals that can donate regularly on a monthly basis.

    Badisa also recruited ambassadors from the professional and business sector, the Badisa Champions, who pledged to donate skills and funding and to also leverage their own networks to invest in the organisation.

    Many trusts and foundations have supported us over the years, such as the National Lottery Commission, the Community Chest of the Western Cape, Kerk in Actie and the Nussbaum Foundation.

     A special word of thanks and our sincere appreciation go to each individual who has contributed time, expertise and money to help ensure our sustainability. 

  4. Churches

    Badisa renders social services on behalf of and in cooperation with two principal churches, namely the URCSA (Cape) and the DRC (Western Cape), In conjunction with   Diaconia (which is a combined ministry of the abovementioned two churches), Badisa shares the vision of a life of compassion.

    Diaconia helps to establish networks and partnerships between Badisa, congregations and other stakeholders and aids Badisa in building structure and capacity for the running of the Church’s missionary diaconate.

    Badisa, in conjunction with Diaconia also established a joined unit for Early Childhood Development to provide services to pre-school children in collaboration with the congregations. We provide services in the Eastern Cape according to a specific strategy to support the URCSA congregations in the Eastern Cape through the Eastern Cape Committee.

  5. Sponsors

    Thank you to following companies for sponsoring projects of the Badisa Management Programme in 2018: