Be Part of Social Change

Do you want to be part of social change in South Africa?

Badisa Champions are a community of people who are ambassadors for our organisation. They create a positive impact by offering their time and expertise. They also donate towards the organisation and leverage their own returns as an investment. We invite all our board members, staff members, volunteers and donors who see themselves as an ambassador of Badisa, to sign up.

What our Badisa Champions say:

Become a Badisa Volunteer

Across the globe, volunteers are a powerful force for good, changing the world by giving of their time, talent and other resources.

Organisations need to cope with fewer sources of income while the demand for social services in our societies is growing. Now, more than ever, volunteers are needed to enhance the capacity and expertise of organisations. To implement an effective volunteer programme, we are recruiting, selecting and managing volunteers within the strategic framework, policy and procedures of the organisation.