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Badisa is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 011-891) and a public benefit organisation (PBO 930 006 348), and is committed to social development through 145 community-based programmes in the Western and parts of the Northern and Eastern Cape.

Badisa started more than a 100 years ago as the diaconal or compassion services of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA) (Cape Region) and the Dutch Reformed Church (DR Church) (Western Cape). In 2003 these services were amalgamated into Badisa, as newly independent organisation. Badisa functions under the supervision of the joint ministry of the two churches: Diaconia.

The organisation renders social welfare services on behalf of and in collaboration with these churches. Badisa is a values-driven organisation built on the four pillars of its values, namely commitment to serve, justice, excellence and stewardship. The organisation provides social welfare services to ALL in need, irrespective of their age, gender, race or religion.

Strategic management is located within the Member’s Meeting, Management Board and Management Programme. Operational functions are delegated to the 145 Governing Bodies and Programmes at local level.  These programmes are therefore self-regulating.  This model promotes ownership at local level, whilst providing stability and a uniform approach regarding strategy, policy, processes and systems within a shared identity. All Badisa programmes operate within one legal entity.

Our Organisational Model

Our Management Board

Rev C Van Rensburg (Chairperson)

Rev GG Haupt (Vice-Chair)

Mr B van Wyk (CEO)

Rev SA Esterhuizen

Rev WJ Greeff

Mr W Hugo

Rev M James

Rev S Julies

Rev C Kemp

Rev N Venter

Dr WC Van der Merwe

Ms JL Zingu

Mr SG Malherbe