Badisa Kuumba Mascot

Kuumba Care

Kuumba Care serves as a character that breathes life into the child protection services, providing it with a “face” and its mission, making it more relatable to our target audiences. This campaign primarily centre on Badisa’s child protection efforts.

In 2022, Kuumba Care was established by Badisa Tygerberg. A fictional character named Kuumba from Rainbow Land is deeply dedicated to assisting vulnerable children on Earth. Badisa launched the Kuumba Care Programme, where “Kuumba”, literally means ‘to use our creativity, to do as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than before’.

Under the Kuumba Care banner, Badisa Tygerberg provided a wide range of child protection services to communities. The primary goal was to ensure children’s safety and development, empowering them to grow into responsible adults who positively contribute to society. Additionally, various anti-bullying, parenting, and care programs were operated within this initiative.

Mascots SA created a life-size Kuumba mascot, which has been warmly embraced wherever it goes. Kuumba works tirelessly, always seeking new opportunities to impact children’s lives, enabling them to grow into adults who can make a meaningful difference in our wonderful communities.

Badisa aspires to position Kumba Care as the “face” of its Child Protection arm, striving to inspire programs that deliver Child Protection services to use Kuumba Care as an overarching banner for initiatives and projects. Our mission encompasses fostering a harmonised strategy among all Badisa Programs dedicated to child protection services. This involves crafting compelling campaigns across the diverse regions where a Badisa programme is present, resonating with both adults and children. Leveraging the distinctive Kuumba character and brand, we aim to heighten awareness, educate our audiences, and mobilise resources to support Badisa’s child protection services.

Furthermore, it aims to establish Kuumba as a brand that the business and private sectors can partner with to use their creativity in leaving communities even more beautiful and beneficial than before.

Kuumba not only means to use our creativity but also signifies coming closer. We extend an invitation to all stakeholders to come closer and actively participate in ensuring the safety of children. This is essentially a campaign urging people to come together, step forward, and create a positive impact.

The Kuumba story that will inspire people to get involved in this campaign:

“For many years KUUMBA lived happily in Rainbow land with all the colors of the rainbow. One day he sat on the rainbow looking down at all the children playing on earth and he wished that he could play with them. It was then that KUUMBA decided to come down with the Rainbow to Earth and see if he could make some friends. After arriving on earth KUUMBA started roaming the streets to find friends. He played around with different children and enjoyed it very much, but then he started to long for his family. He decided that he wanted to go back to Rainbow Land to his family, only to find that he didn’t know how to get back. KUUMBA started to feel very lonely as he had nobody to look after him. After living on the street for several weeks KUUMBA started to feel hungry and sick. He develops soars on his body

One day a lady found KUUMBA on the street and decided to take him to Badisa Tygerberg, a place that helps children to heal. Badisa Tygerberg decided to take KUUMBA in and give him all the love and support he needed. They looked after his soars and put star plasters on it. Badisa Tygerberg then said they would help KUUMBA to go back to Rainbow Land, but KUUMBA decided that he rather want to live on earth and help Badisa Tygerberg to heal other children who face the same difficulties that he had.”