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Across the globe, volunteers are a powerful force for good, changing the world by giving of their time, talent and other resources. There are many advantages to establishing a volunteer programme beyond that of accomplishing critical tasks with limited funds. Involving community members in volunteer programmes increases public support and helps them understand the work and planning behind management decisions.

Volunteers help expand existing programmes beyond limits imposed by personnel ceilings and budget constraints, and enable more efficient project workflow. Instituting a volunteer programme is not easy nor can it be done in an instant. Planning a volunteer programme includes job development, interviewing, supervision, evaluation and recognition.

When working with volunteers we focus on ten best practices for essential volunteer management. These ten best practices follow a natural progression:

  • The first three focus on laying the foundation for an effective programme.
  • The next three deal with developing safe and appropriate volunteer jobs, and appointing the right people in these positions.
  • The final four help to create an environment that provides successfully recruited volunteers with the skills, support and desire to remain involved.

Ten best practices

Lay the foundation for volunteer work:

  • Value the role of volunteers
  • Define the rules and expectations
  • Develop volunteer management skills

Develop the jobs and get the right people:

  • Reduce client and group risk (screening, application process, police clearance)
  • Create clear assignments
  • Reach beyond the circle

Create an environment where volunteers feel they belong:

  • Orientate and train volunteers
  • Provide supervision
  • Make volunteers feel they belong
  • Recognise volunteer contributions

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