Since launched, the One More campaign focused on asking individuals, companies, families, churches and other groups to commit to helping just one more person, one more time as it is less overwhelming than trying to provide for a whole nation. The One more campaign was re-designed in 2014, focusing on the “drop in the bucket principle” and the ripple effect it causes. It doesn’t matter if what you do feels like a drop in the bucket; it is the ripple effect of the drop that matters. Today we still use the One More brand as a love mark to emphasise that helping one more person can bring change in a family, a community and in society as a whole.

Tribute to Annalise Wiid

It was with great sadness that we had to bid farewell to Annalise Wiid. Annalise was a professional song writer, singer and author, and a champion for Badisa’s work. She created the ONE MORE concept to carry out Badisa’s message to the world. She performed as artist at various Badisa events.

She wrote and composed the ONE MORE song, produced the ONE MORE video and wrote many articles about the way in which Badisa touches people’s lives. Together, we arranged a gala dinner, hosted golf days and baked cakes to market Badisa. She still had so many plans for Badisa.

Annalise will always be our Badisa Champion and ONE MORE ambassador!

You can also become a Badisa Champion.