Children and Families

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To protect children and strengthen families

Badisa is registered as a child protection organisation in terms of the Children’s Act. The organisation is also accredited to do adoption work. The organisation:

  • Renders a spectrum of services focused on prevention and early intervention. These services include our ECD (1852 children involved) and after-school care (483 children involved) programmes.
  • Conducts risk assessments of children and their families when child abuse, neglect, abandonment or exploitation are reported.
  • Implements statutory processes with children in need of care and protection.

Badisa’s services include

  • Investigating the best interest of the child: 25 256 cases have been reported and dealt with up till now.
  • Identifying areas to strengthen and preserve family life and reunification.
  • Supporting the proceedings of children’s courts and implementing court orders: 721 children’s court investigations have been completed.
  • Placing children in alternative care: foster care, child and youth care centres or adoption. Badisa rendered services to 6285 children in foster care, handled 171 adoption investigations and rendered services to 727 children in Child and Youth Care Centres.
  • Compiling and implementing treatment plans for children and families to achieve family preservation and reunification: Family reunification services were rendered to 2025 parents/caregivers. It is sad to note that only 103 children were reunified with their biological families.
  • Rendering after-care services.