Badisa’s One More campaign for 700 000 people in need

This campaign is aimed at members of the congregations of the Dutch Reformed Church and Uniting Reformed Church as well as the general public. Badisa’sobjective with this campaign is to recruit donors to help with the funding of the organisation’s management function.

Your R28 will help Badisa’s 150 programmes to make a difference to yet another human being in need.

This means that we are asking individuals to donate only R28 a month towards the management of 153 Badisa programmes, enabling us to reach 700 000 people in need.

Badisa’s management programme provides managerial input, advice, training, oversight and control to the governing bodies and programme managers in order to empower them to offer relevant and cost-effective services to people and communities in need.

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Tribute to Annalise Wiid

It was with great sadness that we had to bid farewell to Annalise Wiid. Annalise was a professional song writer, singer and author, and a champion for Badisa’s work. She created the ONE MORE concept to carry out Badisa’s message to the world. She performed as artist at various Badisa events.

She wrote and composed the ONE MORE song, produced the ONE MORE video and wrote many articles about the way in which Badisa touches people’s lives. Together, we arranged a gala dinner, hosted golf days and baked cakes to market Badisa. She still had so many plans for Badisa. Annalise will always be our Badisa Champion and ONE MORE ambassador!