In the midst of the festive season, we want to share a message close to our hearts—one which goes beyond catchy phrases, but speaks to the essence of compassion. “16 Days of Activism” is more than just a campaign; it’s a pledge to shed light on the impact of violence and abuse on women and children and to work towards a society without violence.

Apart from our usual statutory child protection services, we take our mission to the streets, engaging with communities to educate and raise awareness about violence against women and children, emphasizing how we can collectively safeguard them.

Our commitment to fighting violence and abuse isn’t confined to the official 16 Days campaign; it extends throughout 365 days a year. Every day, we strive to protect children, to advocate for the cause and report instances of abuse, aiming to create a safer environment for everyone.

Join us as we look back on how our programmes took part in the 16 Days campaign. Discover how you can contribute to our Christmas Campaign to make this season special to the vulnerable people in Badisa’s care, as well as what happened recently at the Badisa Management Programme.