Campaign for Older Persons April - May 2023: #AwesomeElderly


At one of our homes for the elderly, we have a resident “Sally” that is 85 years old. She is wheelchair bound and has always been dreaming of learning to read her Bible and write her name. Another resident, a former primary school teacher, decided to teach “Sally” to read and write. “Sally” was overwhelmed with joy when she heard that she would receive lessons. She practises her letters diligently and it is boosting her confidence and self-esteem.

Badisa is not only giving care to our residents, but are looking out for opportunities for development and stimulation to ensure that they receive the support to live a quality life with human dignity.

There are 3,140 older people in the homes and 1,300 older people living in affordable independent and assisted living which are located on the premises of the various homes.

We also have 22 service centres, caring for the elderly living in the community.

During April and May 2023, we are again launching the #AwesomeElderly-Campaign, a fun campaign that aims to personify older people, emphasize the value of older people and highlight the importance of protecting them. Older persons are an incredible asset to society. They have so much knowledge and wisdom that they can pass on to the generations after them.

Follow us as the residents and members of the Badisa Programmes for Older Persons will share their best advice and life tips with us, along with their favourite memories. Older persons are incredible assets to the nation.

Keep an eye on Badisa’s Facebook page and YouTube channel for videos, stories and photos.