I was asked to write about a success story, and I could think of many young people who have become exactly that. But today the success story I am covering is not about a young person. It is about my colleagues. Writing this story has forced me to face the denial we have all been living in during the past four months – the denial that we are working at the frontline of a pandemic that has already taken thousands of lives globally. Together with my colleagues, we have had to put our own families, vulnerabilities and lives at risk to protect 144 young people. That is what we do. We protect others from risk. We are social workers, child and youth care workers and essential workers. Throughout this lockdown, there was not one single staff member who hesitated to come to work despite some of them being high risk due to age or co-morbidities. Some volunteered to put their own lives
at risk to care for children diagnosed with Covid-19 in isolation facilities.

Today I salute you, my colleagues. I have witnessed miracles and am proud to know real-life heroes. You are the true success story of this pandemic. You make me proud to be a part of this family.

Social worker, Badisa

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