Charity organisation Badisa in collaboration with Diaconia and Innovation for the Blind have teamed up to raise money for Badisa programmes based in the Northern Cape. These programmes provide essential social services to the elderly and people with disabilities. You can make a difference and support our Coffee Project by purchasing quality filter coffee for only R55.

50% of the residents at our Northern Cape old age homes receive social grants, which means that fundraisers are essential to ensure these residents receive the care they deserve. Due to ongoing drought, and added pressures from lockdown and Covid-19, our Northern Cape Programmes are under tremendous pressure with no relief in sight. So when you support the Coffee Project you not only help us to raise funds for the elderly, you also help to create sustainable essential services and jobs, and you are investing in the local economy. All that from your first cup of the day.

We urge coffee lovers to support our special fundraising project by purchasing 250g of quality filter coffee for only R55. We have three delicious flavours available: Mocha Java, Blindiana and Blue Mountain. Contact Luané on to place your order today. Alternatively, our coffee is available for purchase from Takealot.

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