Giving back to the community can ignite change and make a positive impact in society. We all want to make our communities a better place to live in. We all have the responsibility to help to give back.

There is many ways in which a business can contribute to the development of a community. In South Africa there are more than 200 000 charitable organisations through which businesses can support their communities. Badisa is one of the organisations with an excellent track record and exceptionally good governance, as well as a wide variety of programmes and projects to support, all over the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape.

Giving back to your community has both intangible and tangible benefits to your business. The intangible benefit of giving is the pleasant feeling of connectedness you experience when reaching your to your community. Here are some tangible ways in which your business can give back to community:

  • Donate knowledge: As an expert in your field of business, your knowledge is of value for others. Share it. Organisations need the expertise of businesses to assist in the management and operations.
  • Sponsor, organize or participate in an event: You can get your employees involved and it can benefit the PR and marketing of your business. It is great exposure for your business and potential customers like businesses that reach out to the community.
  • Motivate others to get involved and promote volunteerism: Encouraging employees to volunteer and learn them to use their time for a good cause. Volunteering creates strong bonds and it can be a good team building activity.
  • Monetary donations: Donating money to an organisation will help them delivering the services to those in need. It can be good publicity for your organisation to involve the media when handing over a cheque. There is also a tax benefit when businesses donate to an organisation registered as a public benefit organisation.  

Badisa is a faith-based social welfare organisation that provides professional social services to people in need, irrespective of their gender, race or religion. Our goal is to develop, implement and manage programmes for the spiritual, social and economic upliftment of people and communities in need. 

Badisa has 144 service delivery units (programmes) in the Western- and Northern Cape, as well as a working agreement with congregations in the Eastern Cape. Our services focus on children, families, older persons, persons with disability and substance dependency.

The annual turnover of the organisation is R565 million and the organisation had unqualified audited financial reports since 2003, audited by external auditors.


All the Badisa units (programmes) collectively reach more than 500 000 people per annum of which 79% are black beneficiaries. Some units or facilities have 100% black beneficiaries. Companies can contribute to Badisa and the full value of the SED contribution will be counted for B-BBEE scorecard.

TAX benefit

Any person or business that contribute money or assets to Badisa or to one of the units (programmes) will receive a Section 18A (1) (a) receipt that can be used as a tax rebate. The donation will exclusively be used for the public benefit activities of Badisa as approved by the Minister of Finance according to the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962.

Badisa is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 110-089) and public benefit organisation (PBO 930 006 348).

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