A few weeks ago Badisa Trio was asked to assess a 6-year-old boy. A family member was concerned that he has been sexually molested by his father. The mother and father were shocked about the allegations and offered their full cooperation to resolve the matter. Benjamin* has non-verbal autism, and thus needed a specialised forensic assessment to determine what the cause of his strange behaviour is.

Badisa Trio is fortunate to have individuals who supports us through monthly debit orders; because of their monthly donations we were able to send Benjamin for an assessment immediately. After a thorough investigation it was found that his strange behaviour was a direct result of his autism. The family member who reported this case was educated around autism and the family unit has been preserved. It is a joy to know that Benjamin can remain in a loving home with his supportive parents. Badisa Trio could also refer his parents to a school who specialises in educating children living with autism.

Badisa Trio is one of Badisa’s child protection programmes. Assessments like the one Benjamin received could cost up to R2500. When you donate, you enable our programmes to help more children.

*Benjamin is not the child’s real name.

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