Badisa ondersteun inisiatiewe om aan jong werklose persone werkgeleenthede te bied, en hul ‘n kans te gee om hul vaardighede te ontwikkel.

Alexander MacDonald doen sy internskap by die Bestuursprogram. Oor sy ervaring skryf hy as volg:

“My experience thus far at Badisa has been positive overall! I have learned so much in the past months. Things I thought I would not be able to master have been mastered. Every assignment has been a learning experience. This has allowed me to get to know Badisa in a detailed manner.

Every assignment I have worked on, every meeting I have sat in and all the information I have learnt, have broaden my scope and contributed well to my studies through Unisa.

As a marketing intern at Badisa I have tackled interesting, important and informative tasks. These assignments have improved my confidence in my self as well as my work ethic. My communication skills have been upgraded through contacting all Badisa’s various programs to update their information for the website. 

Thinking creatively to contribute my ideas and thoughts for marketing campaigns, like the Drug Awareness event we just had on the 6th of July, has brought forth skills I thought I never had. This was a successful event that showcased amazing talents from Elsies River. We are currently working on a campaign for Elderly day in October 2019 where we are planning a flashmob. Social media will be our medium in order to distribute and advertise this event. We are planning to include a few of the Badisa programs to participate. The aim is to bring everyone together to have a great and fun time.

Badisa’s expansion to the youth through marketing and fundraising will help a lot of young adults. Most youngsters do not know what Badisa is, therefore exposure and distribution is of key importance. They are starting to get to know Badisa through social media. I feel we are surely exposing Badisa to the youth in a positive way!

I have brushed off my administrative skills as well by scanning, copying and printing documents. Efficient, quality and organised work has been my forte. I have finished tasks in a short period of time. This has challenged me to improve my work etiquette to do better with each new task.

The most rewarding experience thus far has been the opportunity to write an article for the Thursdays in Black movement. Having this chance to prove myself through writing is preparing me for bigger assignments.

Working at Badisa has been an inspiring and motivating experience!”

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