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Poverty stalks South Africa. 56% of children in South Africa live in households with an income of less than R635 per month that is beneath the poverty line.

Over the past decade, Mandela day has inspired thousands of individuals and companies to uplift their communities through acts of kindness. This year the campaign’s aim is to inspire sustainable change in society.

Badisa is a social welfare organisation with more than 145 community-based social development programmes. Our main focus areas include children and families, older persons, persons with disability, substance dependence and early childhood development. Annually we assist more than 720 000 people in the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape.

Badisa invites you to join hands with our various programmes to help us create sustainable solutions in the communities where we work.

How can you get involved?

  1. Support our fundraising initiatives.
  2. Donate goods such as toiletries, food and cleaning products.
  3. Donate second-hand goods such as clothes, furniture, etc.
  4. Apply to become a safety or foster parent.
  5. Offer your professional services to support our programmes.    
  6. Assist with general upkeep of buildings and vehicles.
  7. Sign up for our one more campaign.
  8. Support our Thursdays in Black campaign.
  9. Enquire at your local Badisa programme how you can get involved.
  10. Become a Champion and help us build our network of friends and partners.

Nelson Mandela said: “It always seems impossible until it is done.” Together we can create social change, and rewrite South Africa’s story. Be part of the solution.

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