– written by Me. E. Jaftha

John* chose to be admitted to Toevlug in September 2018. He was previously admitted in another rehabilitation facility, but relapsed after the death of his brother.

John’s brother was his biggest support system during his previous rehabilitation, the moment his brother passed away he had no where to turn. John had lost all interest in his hobbies and did not want to lean on his family for support. By the time John was admitted to Toevlug he was no longer talking to his family, and he was involved in gang activities living in on the street.

His father and nephew helped John understand how much heartache and sadness he was causing. John realised that he had to change his life, and that he needed help. During his time at Toevlug our social worker focussed on rebuilding and strengthening his relationships with his family. John’s family was extremely supportive and came from the Northern Cape to attend family sessions with John and the social worker. His father and nephew have become part of his new support system, promising that they will encourage and support him as long as he stays sober and works towards his recovery.

Today John is still sober, there is no more conflict in his household regarding drugs and bad habits. He goes to events and activities that his father and nephew helps to arrange. His relationship with his mother and sister is also much better. Unfortunately, he is struggling to find a job, but with the help of his sponsor he remains positive. He talks to his sponsor daily and goes to meetings regularly, he also attends all aftercare appointments with Toevlug.

John will never forget what had brought him to Toevlug. When he has a problem he will first speak to his family and no longer turns to drugs and alcohol. John is grateful for his family’s support and that they believe in him.

*Name changed to protect patient’s identity, photo found on pexels.com

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