Badisa CEO - Christine Quickfall

Badisa CEO – Christine Quickfall

Written by: Christine Quickfall

How time flies! In a couple of weeks, I will be celebrating my 1- year anniversary in this position.  My Badisa season coincides with the time of year when we customarily reflect on the people and events that have shaped us, and the effect that our actions and words have had on others.

Time and time again this year I was humbled by the benevolent intent of amazing people who invest so much of themselves in this organisation and our vision. This reminds me of a theory called the butterfly effect. It states that one small change today can be the catalyst for a significant different outcome in the future. The time, care and love we invest in someone’s life today, might inspire that person to be the best they can be.

I can share many stories of hope, but the letter of a 13 year-old girl to her social worker is the best example to illustrate the above.  In her letter, she expressed her gratitude for something we often take for granted: a school raincoat. This simple gift from a Badisa supporter meant the world to her, as it did more than protected her from the cold Cape Town winter: it showed her that someone cared about her wellbeing, that she matters, and has worth. She continues her letter, telling us that Badisa has inspired her to not only finish school, but to one day become a social worker.

One more life is forever changed.  A simple token of love created a ripple effect of change.  Thank you champions, volunteers, employees and supporters: you enable Badisa to create ripples of hope in the communities where we serve.

The best Christmas gift we can give each other is to share our faith with loved ones and strangers alike, proclaiming the joyous tidings that “God is with us”. Let us continue to reach out to one another with all the blessings and talents God has given us, especially the gift of peace. Christmas is a time for us to counter the many ills in our world by loving each other as deeply as God loved us by sending is His Son.

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