‘If I was a poppet, I would be free of fear so that I could only focus on being a child. I would dream about a dad that holds me tight because he loves me, that takes me to the park and even buys me sweets sometimes!  My dad would protect me and would dream about my future. I would also not need to keep bad secrets.’

Sharon’s father abuses her sexually. He told her it is their secret and that she should not tell anyone. She loves him and is scared that he will have to go to jail if she tells. Her school work started to suffer as a result of this secret and when her teacher approached her, she finally shared the truth.  With Sharon’s consent, the teacher took her to Badisa.

The difference that Badisa made to Sharon’s life was convincing her father to leave their home and only visit Sharon under the supervision of her mother. Sharon and her mother did not want to convict him as he was the sole breadwinner.  Sharon is currently receiving therapy to help her deal with the trauma and to teach her to build relationships that are based on the truth, trust and unconditional love.

YOU can make a difference to children like Sharon by buying her poppet, thereby contributing to release the necessary funds to ensure that children like her receives a professional child protection service.  This will ensure that these children can still dream about their future because they were taught how to process the trauma build positive relationships.