children and familiesThe purpose of Badisa’s services to children and families is in accordance with the strategies in the National Development Plan and policies of the Department of Social Development, which are to:

  • Promote healthy family life
  • Strengthen family life
  • Contribute towards all families, vulnerable children and the youth’s sense of safety
  • Enhance a sense of community, social cohesion and social inclusion
  • Alleviate poverty
  • Enhance family members’ opportunities to enter the job market
  • Provide an infrastructure for child protection
  • Mitigate risk factors in families through collaboration with internal and external service providers

According to the White Paper on Families (2012), stable families are the core of strong and healthy, functional communities. It is within the family unit where the individual’s physical, emotional and psychological development occurs. Absence of a stable, nurturing family environment has a strong negative effect on the individual, which in turn leads to behaviour that is destructive to society. In light of this, the extent to which lawlessness, gangsterism, drug trafficking, crime and violence holds communities in the Cape Peninsula hostage, is extremely concerning. Children are lost to society from a very early age by being recruited as gang members and by landing in the grip of drug abuse. Teenage pregnancy and other serious behavioural manifestations in older children is the order of the day. For these reasons, Badisa strives to improve service within networks and to establish partnerships.

Our programmes working with children and families:

  • Social services offices
  • Child and youth care services
  • Day care centres
  • After care centres
  • Magdalena House

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