elderly careBadisa focuses on rendering an integrated service of residential care and community-based services to older persons according to the Older Persons Act (Act 13 of 2006).

According to statistics, the number of older people in SA and worldwide are growing. This puts great pressure on Badisa programmes to provide for the service delivery need to older persons. Our programmes make a valuable contribution to the quality of life of older persons in terms of the following services:

  • Affordable residential care services.
  • Community-based services at service centres, including meals, social support and weekly activities.
  • Relief care – emergency beds in some residential facilities for emergency admissions of elderly people exposed to abuse.
  • Rendering advice, guidance and assistance to older people and their families in order to address their immediate needs.

In remote rural communities, the Badisa Elderly Homes are invaluable to the elderly for providing to their medical and care needs. With the help of external and internal resources, every effort is made to ensure optimal growth and quality of life to every older and disabled person and their extended families.

Badisa focuses on the empowerment of staff in respect of a person-centered approach in residential care. The approach is also applicable to community-based services from a service centre. A culture is created for older people to acknowledge their rights, to highly rate their dignity and to create respect between residents and staff that will contribute to a climate in which safety and growth can occur.

Badisa places a high value on the contributions of older persons in the community and want in the midst of challenging economic factors, to focus on promoting the quality of life of older persons.

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