church-logo-1Representing two principal churches, namely the URCSA (Cape) and the DRC (Western and Southern Cape), Badisa renders social services on behalf of and in cooperation with these churches.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Poverty and Care (which is a combined ministry of the abovementioned church groups), Badisa shares a vision of a life of compassion.

church-logo-2Poverty & Care helps to establish networks and partnerships between Badisa, congregations, NGOs, the Government and businesses and aids Badisa in building structure and capacity for the running of the Church’s missionary diaconate. Badisa, in conjunction withPoverty & Care, agreed to a joined strategy for Early Childhood Development to reach 10 000 pre-school children through the relevant congregations. We also work together with the ministry and the Eastern Cape Committee to support the URCSA congregations in the Eastern Cape.

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