corporate governanceBadisa is a value driven organisation, driven by effective leadership that is based on ethical principles. The two main functions of leadership include the strategic direction and management of the organisation. The four values that form the foundation of everything we do are commitment to service, justice, excellence and stewardship. These values are applied throughout the practices, procedures, policies and actions within the organisation, which is furthermore characterised by strong Christian principles.

Badisa is managed on different levels. The Members Meeting (41 members) is the legal entity, but the organisation is managed by a Management Board (11 members) and a Management Programme. The programmes or branches of Badisa are managed by Governing Bodies with delegated power from the Members Meeting. Rev. W. Ficks is currently serving as Chairperson and Rev. W. van der Merwe as Deputy Chairperson.

Management Board
Rev. W.E. Ficks (Chairperson)
Rev. W.C. van der Merwe (Vice-Chairperson)
Rev. A. Rust (CEO)
Rev. S. Esterhuizen
Rev. L.L. Prince
Rev. C. van Schalkwyk
Mr J.W.S. Jooste
Mr S. Malherbe
Ms C. Quickfall
Dr A. Perold-Mostert

Badisa’s Governing Body appoints the auditors, approves the audited financial statements and annual reports, and approves organisational policy.

The Board of Management:

  • Is responsible for the control functions of good governance practices, including the provision of leadership, including strategic, financial, human, asset and risk management;
  • Has a policy making functionto ensure that the organisation renders sustainable services, and also oversees the marketing and fundraising activities as carried out by the staff.
  • Receives and approves quarterly progress reports and financial statements.
  • Protects public interest and ensures transparent accountability to stakeholders, funders and the community at large.
  • Ensures that the organisation maintains a high standard of ethical services and management practices, as well as compliance w legislation.

Theron du Plessis

Physical Address
C/o Durban/Kendal Road
Bueno Vista Office Park
Tyger Valley
Western Cape

Postal Address
PO Box 3737
Western Cape

021 975 3737

Cell phone
083 453 3737
083 452 4099

021 976 0106


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