Who is Badisa? 

Badisa is a neighbour to everyone in need.

The organisation started as the welfare services of the Dutch Reformed Church (Western Cape) and the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (Cape) but has now grown to provide these services in partnership with various stakeholders, including local and provincial government, the corporate sector and other non-profit organisations.

Our various programmes provide social services to ALL in need, irrespective of age, gender, nationality or religion, making our services inclusive to all.

As a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 011-891) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930 006 348) we are committed to social development through 153 community-based programmes in the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape. These programmes receive guidance from a management programme in terms of:

  • service delivery,
  • human resources,
  • financial advice and overall programme management to ensure legal compliance,
  • good corporate governance,
  • supervision,
  • as well as consultation and practice leadership.

We cover a broad spectrum of social services through four focus areas:

  • Children and Families
  • Older Persons
  • Persons with Disability
  • Substance Dependence

Badisa's Values

  1. Commitment to serve
    • We serve people in need according to the example set by Jesus Christ, the Great Servant.
    • We strive to render a relevant, affordable and quality service.
    • We put the interests, rights and needs of our stakeholders first.
    • Our service is accessible to all people, irrespective of race, religion, gender or age.
  2. Justice
    • We aim to treat everyone fairly and equally and avoid all forms of discrimination.
    • Fellow staff and consumers of the service will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
    • Corrections and adjustments will be done on merit and with the utmost transparency and accountability.
  3. Excellence
    • We aim to provide others with the absolute best service, and therefore all staff members will be worthy of and loyal to their positions.
    • We aim to render a quality service, which includes complying with due dates, ensuring correct documents and well-planned services.
    • Our services will be relevant, sustainable and efficient.
    • We will maintain a participatory management style and work together as a team on all levels of the organisation to create a positive spirit and culture.
    • We will maintain effective communication on all levels of the organisation.
  4. Stewardship/Accountability
    • We will manage the people, finances and assets provided to Badisa responsibly and honestly.
    • With a view to transparency, we will be accountable for any information entrusted to us, to anyone who is entitled to it.
    • People, for instance staff members of the management board and volunteers, are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their actions in the execution of their respective functions/tasks.
    • We will act with integrity at all times.


Management Board

Corporate Governance

The King Report on Corporate Governance is still guiding Badisa’s approach.. It is important to us to manage the resources provided by donors, supporters and the government diligently and efficiently. The various structures of Badisa have been compiled to comply with the principles of good corporate governance. In addition, the applicable policies and protocols are regularly updated, and implementation is monitored on all levels.

Badisa is a value driven organisation, driven by effective leadership that is based on ethical principles. The two main functions of leadership include the strategic direction and management of the organisation. The four values that form the foundation of everything we do are commitment to service, justice, excellence and stewardship.

These values are applied throughout the practices, procedures, policies and actions within the organisation, which is furthermore characterised by strong Christian principles.

The Members’ Meeting/Management Board makes policy decisions while the implementation of the policies and the management of the local programmes have been transferred to the governing bodies. Hence, Badisa strongly depends on the proper functioning and accountability of its governing bodies. New governing bodies were recently constituted for the next three year term, 2018 – 2021.

Badisa is managed on different levels. The Member’s Meeting is the legal entity, but the organisation is managed by a Management Board and a Management Programme.

The programmes or branches of Badisa are managed by Governing Bodies (Boards of Management) with delegated power from the Member’s Meeting. Rev. Charl van Rensburg is currently serving as Chairperson and Rev. Gerome Haupt as Vice- Chairperson.


Badisa’s Member’s Meeting appoints the auditors, approves the audited financial statements and annual report, and approves organisational policy.

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Theron du Plessis (TdP) | Chartered Accountants

Management Programme 

According to the Badisa Constitution, the aim of the Management Programme is to:

  • empower the governing bodies (boards of management) and managers of the programmes;
  • to enable them to deliver an efficient, relevant and cost-effective service to persons and communities in need.

The Management Programme provides the organisational framework, support and guidance regarding legislation, human resources, finance, service delivery and fundraising to ensure that programmes comply with all statutory requirements and adhere to good governance practices.

The Management Programme consists of the CEO, Ms Christine Quickfall, four directors for Programme management, Human Resources, Finance and Administration and Marketing and Fundraising, as well as three Coordinators: Elderly and Disability Care and 12 managers: Social Services and support staff.